At home with Emma Claiir

Step into the home of content creator, Emma Claiir


Introduce yourself…


My name is Emma Claiir and I’m a 26-year-old from Sydney. I am getting married very soon and I have two beautiful fur babies plus a beautiful home that myself and my fiance are very proud of.I’m a big lover of this crazy thing called life and I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I have gone through alot of things in my life, some extremely good but some also extremely bad and these are what have shaped me into the person I am today. I am so passionate about living the life I want to live and creating my own story so it’s my mission to spread this to my tribe and let everyone know that they can be a lover of this crazy thing called life as well.


Talk us through your journey that has led to your life now as a contact creator?


Wow where do I even start, I dropped out of school very early (14 years old) to pursue a career in dancing. This was at the time one of the best decisions I ever made. While I was studying full-time dance I had a few jobs like retail and dance teaching. Once I finished studying dancing full-time I moved on to become a professional dancer which was everything I ever dreamed of! I soon realised that it actually wasn’t bringing me the joy I thought I would and moved on to try other careers… I tried admin, childcare, personal training, group training, management and hospitality and none of them felt quite right. At the beginning of 2019, I actually lost my job and my fiance and I sat down and had a talk about giving myself one year to really try and make a living on social media as a content creator and so I did it! I worked hard, I stayed consistent, I worked through the tough times and really learnt how to manage my mindset on social media and now I honestly can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

How are you staying inspired & creative whilst being at home?


For me personally working from home is the norm… but I really enjoy taking a lot of my photos outdoors, on rooftops, in front of cafes and just finding cool locations so this has been hard for me. At the start of isolation, I really let it get to me but then I took some time to sit down to figure out ways I can be creative at home. I went to Kmart and Big W and did some shopping to buy some cool props, backdrops (sheets) plants etc and it wasn’t long after that I got my inspiration back and started feeling super creative again. I also turned to apps like Pinterest and TikTok to find some inspiration on content ideas but then figured out ways to make those ideas my own and put my own personal twist on them. I always aim to create content that I’m proud of because I feel like inspiration comes from there for me.


How do you start your morning to set you up for the best possible day?


I always have to make my bed in the morning haha! I honestly can’t function unless it’s made. I then try and do some mindful movement and meditation from the bloom app then it’s officially COFFEEE TIME! Once my coffee is made I sit down in my office and write my to-do list for the day. I like to prioritise everything on there so I make sure I’m getting the urgent stuff done first. I also quickly check my emails and see if there are any urgent once as well that I need to reply to. After that, I officially get into my working day!

Your go-to home/lounge outfit?


I am a big lover of Cotton on body and Factorie! They have the best loungewear and I literally could live in them! My favourite trackies are from Factorie and they are called THE CLASSIC TRACK PANT. I feel like once you have the perfect pair of trackies you will find yourself wearing them all the time and matching them with different types of tops and jumpers.


How do you take your photos?


I take pretty much all my photos on my camera which is the Cannon mark lll g7x. It is the best compact camera you will find that isn’t to expensive and it’s perfect if you want to vlog as well. It also has a self timer which will be your best friend sometimes but I am also pretty lucky I have an amazing fiance and amazing friends who are always so happy to help take my photos.


Tell us about your presets you just released?


Ooo I still get so excited talking about these haah! So I have just released Presets by Emma Claiir which are Lightroom presets that you can use to edit your photos. Lightroom presets just adjust the colour tones, brightness etc of your photos they will not distort your photos. They are a once-off payment but the app lightroom is actually free to download and use on your phone so its all really simple. I have come up with 15 different presets to give your Instagram feed a complete glow up. These presets are very different to a lot of presets out there at the moment as they are super bright, fresh, vibrant and clean. Although there are 15 different presets I have worked super hard to make sure they all match in one way or another so your Instagram feed will look cohesive and beautiful. Presets can be a game-changer for your content and if you are wanting to start your journey to become a content creator then I would definitely suggest looking into getting some presets that suit your style and vibe.

What’s your #1 advice to someone starting out as a content creator?


My biggest tip is to figure out your why. Why do you want to be a content creator and what message do you want to get out to your audience? Once you have figured that out you can start to find your flow with everything else. I would also say make sure you stay true to yourself. You are your niche and that is what makes you different from everyone else. People want to know the real you, they want to be able to form a connection with you so don’t be shy. Lastly, I would definitely say make sure your content stands out! This is where presets can come in handy. You want people to stop scrolling when they come to your post so make sure your content is valuable, relatable and eye-catching. Most of all though just have fun with it, this is your space, your chance to express yourself and your creativity so let that show through your content.


With love to Emma Giacca