Grace Field


Grace is a fun-loving, Adelaide-based dietitian and content creator that uses her platforms to share all her favourite recipes and recommendations.⁠ ⁠Grace learnt the power and importance of nutrition on the body which was her drive to complete the Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. She now is an Accredited Practising Dietitian whose passion is to provide evidenced based nutrition advice that is realistic and sustainable. 

Grace combine’s her clinical knowledge with creativity and lifestyle content to create an online space that is fun and honest. She has worked with brands including ALDI, Mt Franklin, Rebel, Garnier, LG and My Muscle Chef. Grace focuses on brands that align with her values and has created a community of followers that trust what she has to say. Her page differs from other online dietitians as it is not just health and fitness, but also lifestyle with a focus on fashion, style and beauty.