Jordanna Morandin


Jordanna Morandin is a bubbly and vibrant content creator based in Brisbane, Australia. Her socials are always fun and full of colour as she doesn’t like to take life too seriously.

She began posting her life on social media in 2018 and instantly fell in love with creating photos and sharing them with her followers. Three years later and she has quit her retail job and is now pursuing her dream of becoming a fulltime content creator.

Fashion is what Jordanna is most passionate about and her goal is to be your go-to-girl if you are ever in need of outfit Inspiration. Her “What I’d wear” Tiktok videos have become what she is known for, catching the eye of lots of girls and helping them with outfit ideas for any Date, Social event or Party they may have.

She has worked with some incredible brands which include: Princess Polly, Quay, Lady Jayne, Cullen moissanite, Puma, Nude by nature, Baseline and The Iconic.