Creating The Perfect OOTD, With Fashion TikTok Star, Alex Davidson

Introduce yourself

HIIII my name is Alex, I’m 22 from Newcastle – I am a fashion, lifestyle & beauty influencer by accident. I started modelling locally and shooting for brands in the Newcastle/Sydney region about 2 years ago, when brands started reaching out to work together and collab via Instagram and it’s been a wild ride from there! 


How long have you been creating fashion content for?

 I have been creating content for I’d say the past 2-3 years, more seriously the past 12-18 months!


What inspired you to start sharing your daily outfits on TikTok? 

I saw creators doing one off outfit of the day on TikTok and LOVED them, and thought it would be cool to do an outfit every day to show my more casual yet fun looks, and the rest is history!


What are your top 5 closet essentials? 

Oooo this is a tough one, I would say a Plain coloured button up long sleeve for pair with literally ANYTHING, a staple pair of denim jeans/shorts, a comfy knitted maxi dress (Glasson’s always comes through with these), bike shorts (black or browns – hello NEUTRALS), and my LV Multi-Pochette in Khaki, i am YET to find something it doesn’t go with!


What is your most worn piece?

Definitely my long sleeve white button up, paired with bike shorts, jeans of ANY COLOUR, over mini dresses in summer, boat days/summer beach days with sandals, it can literally go with ANYTHING! 


What is a style mistake you have made? 

I feel like there isn’t such a thing to be honest, you can literally make anything look good with the right accessories!!


If you were to invest in an item for your wardrobe, what would it be? 

A BAG THAT CAN GO FROM DAY TO NIGHT!! I cannot suggest this enough, it carries me Haha


What is your favourite season to style? 

Hmmmm I would say like the Winter/Spring weather we are having at the moment; I can still get away with long pants but pair it with crops and light weight tops for fashion statements (not to mention not having to shave my legs regularly yet is also a huge vibe) 


What are your top 3 tips for creating the perfect outfit? 

1. Accessories can make the world of difference to a basic outfit, literally adding a cap, bag or sunnies can change up an entire look 2. Be confident , if you feel confident in what you’re wearing it looks and feels 1000x better and it really shows, & 3. Neutrals are IN!!!! mixing different nudes, creams, browns & blacks is a huge vibe at the moment and don’t be scared to play around with a bit of colour!!

Help! I don’t know what my fashion style is! What are your top tips to discovering my personal sense of style? 

Hmm discovering your own personal style can be tricky, i would say start with some basics that you know and love e.g. jeans, some basic crops, shirts/jackets and some shoes that go with everything, and start to mix and match/ play around with a new item and style its multiple ways to see what your vibe is and how you FEEL in it!!! something could be trending but it’s how you feel in it that’s important and if you’re not vibing your fit, put on something that vibes YOU!