Sammy Leo


New Zealand-born influencer and entrepreneur Sammy Leo, is the founder of Australian-owned, globally loved lip and skincare brand Breeze Balm.

In 2016, Sammy took her family’s secret recipe for soft, smooth, hydrated lips and created Breeze Balm with the intent of helping users become more confident in their skin and let their unique beauty shine. Today, her brand also successfully sells a range of much-loved body creams, masks and more.

When describing Sammy, the adjectives empowering, confident and influential are some of the first used. As one of Australia’s leading influencers with 150K followers, Sammy has used her platform to change perceived ideals of body image, what it means to be a woman and how to feel empowered in a world of social media. Her message of body confidence and self-love shine through her socials where she shows her zest for life.

Sammy has worked with brands such as Muscle Nation, Gym Shark, La’Mariette and more.