Tori Singleton


Tori is a multifaceted individual who wears many hats in her life. As co-host of the ‘Raw Reality’ Podcast, she’s on a mission to inspire her audience to become the best version of themselves by focusing on mindset, lifestyle, and fitness. Through her podcast, she passionately encourages listeners to embark on their own journey of self-improvement. 

On her social media platforms, Tori shares a diverse range of content, from gym adventures that motivate and inspire fitness enthusiasts to wanderlust-inducing travel escapades that fuel her followers’ desire for adventure. She also offers glimpses into her vibrant lifestyle, providing a window into her daily experiences. 

Beyond the online world, Tori is a dedicated dance and acrobatics teacher, sharing her love for movement and helping others discover the joy of dance and acrobatics. With her dedication to inspiring and motivating others, Tori is a true embodiment of a well-rounded, inspiring individual.

Tori has worked with brands such as Naked Harvest, Gym Shark, Lorna Jane and more!