Kelsey Odell


Kelsey Odell is a 27 year old girl who has a passion for fashion, fitness and travel! She prides herself on being 100% authentic, positive and loves to live a balanced lifestyle! All her content is what she genuinely loves and enjoys! 

As well as being a content creator on Instagram, Kelsey is also an international flight attendant! Due to being stood down because of COVID-19, this has really pushed her to focus more on her social media with a lot more free time on her hands! Photography was always her favourite subject at high school, she’s always been told she has a great eye for detail and loves putting this into practise with her own photos! 

I’ve grown an organic following over the years with being real, positive and raw with my life! I love being able to inspire and be a positive role model to my followers.

Kelsey has worked with a variety of brands including Culture Kings, Princess Polly, Ryderwear, Nastygal, Boohoo, Doyoueven, EHP Labs, HelloFresh to name a few.