Carla Florencia


Carla Florencia, is an Argentine girl who now calls Australia her home place. She speaks 3 different languages, Spanish, German and of course English. She is also a qualified Interior and Graphic Designer but she left it all behind to become a full time content creator at the start of the year! Carla loves to inspire people going through mental health struggles with quotes and inspirational videos.

Carla finds passion in creating content, however she also owns her sunglasses e-commerce business and she also create content for businesses ( this time behind the camera !) She has recently started her YouTube channel so if you haven’t checked it out yet please make sure you do so!
In her free time she loves to do oil painting, rock climbing and to cruise around with her skate board.

Carla has worked with amazing labels like, Victoria Secret, Nookie, Cleo Harper, Tarte, Zala Hair extensions and others.