Renée Mackenzie


Renee Mackenzie is a 21-year-old content creator and freelance model currently based in Perth. She has a passion for travel and fitness and has since been sharing her journey on her social media platform by creating a beautiful space to inspire others.

Renee is an ocean baby and is always up for an adventure. Her favourite place to travel to is Bali, Indonesia, and hopes to move their one day. Her love for travel and photography has allowed her to work with Villas, Hotels and Beach Clubs in Bali.

She is currently creating content/modelling for Swimwear labels, has found a new love for fashion and would love to work with more fashion labels in the near future.

Renee has been successful in working with brands such as PrincessPolly, FitazFk, TJ Swim, WhiteFox Boutique, Windsorsmith, City Beach, Vanit Official, NA-KD, Bondi Boost and Loving Tan along with many others.