Bronte Rose


With an unmatched creative flair and a humour that knows no bounds, Bronte was destined to not only shine but also captivate her audience on TikTok. As the mastermind behind the thriving small business, The Flower Posse, Bronte isn’t just an experienced florist – she’s a TikTok sensation. Her journey to fame was paved with vibrant day-in-the-life snapshots, starting from those crack-of-dawn flower market escapades and culminating in the meticulous creation of her delectable signature bouquets.

Bronte’s TikTok fame isn’t just confined to her blossoming floral endeavours. She employs her ever-growing follower base to provide a behind-the-scenes peek into her life as a florist, while also sprinkling in doses of fashion, lifestyle inspiration, and, most recently, the heart-stealing appearances of her staffy pup, Ace, who has swiftly risen to TikTok stardom alongside her.

What sets Bronte apart is her remarkable ability to infuse her distinctive spin into every piece of content she conjures. Whether she’s sharing her floral expertise or offering glimpses into her daily existence, her authenticity shines through, and her unwavering dedication echoes in the chorus of her loyal followers. It’s no wonder that her unique charm has attracted collaborations with a slew of notable brands, including Colgate, Heins, MCoBeauty, The Happy Staffy Co., Claratyne, Status Anxiety, Cetaphil, Nespresso, Visit Melbourne and the list goes on!