Cartier Rose Surjan


Meet Cartier Surjan, the Australian reality television sensation renowned for captivating audiences on Love Island Australia during its 2019 season. Boasting an Instagram following of over 230,000, Cartier generously shares her modelling prowess alongside a vibrant array of lifestyle content, beauty tips, and the latest fashion trends, including coveted outfits of the day.

Beyond the glamour, Cartier’s life unfolds into a captivating narrative. Post-Love Island, she has found new love and candidly shares insights into her relationship with her dedicated followers. Balancing her influencer role, Cartier has seamlessly transitioned into a meaningful career as a nurse, showcasing her compassionate side.

A versatile influencer, Cartier has collaborated with esteemed brands such as Emma Mattress, Thayers, MCoBeauty, Esmi Skin, Pretty Little Thing, and more, adding a touch of authenticity and style to her ever-growing repertoire. Join Cartier on this exciting journey where fashion, furry friends, love, and a flourishing career converge into a delightful tapestry of her life.