Ella Victoria


Ella Victoria is a happy, bubbly, and all round positive content creator from Sydney with a love for sharing her lifestyle and passions online with her community. She is well known for her pre-existing role as a Presenter on her own show for Disney Channel and has been in the social media industry for over 7 years which has allowed her to grow a like minded, loyal audience. 

Today, she creates weekly lifestyle vlogs, podcasts and content that captures her life and interests which includes, wellbeing, health, fashion, beauty, home decor, organisation, personal development, and mindfulness. Her main message that she portrays through her content is the importance of self care and looking after your mental and physical health first. She always strives to be a relatable, empowering and a positive role model for her audience by being authentic and honest about whatever she is experiencing in that moment of time. 

Overall, Ella’s content is a calming escapism that will make you feel included, motivated, and inspired after watching!