Erin-Louise Camilleri


Erin-Louise is a 26 year old International flight attendant from Sydney Australia. She takes pride in inspiring individuals to choose to live a life that they love to live and never settle for anything less!

She has built a loyal community by remaining very open and honest with her audience. She aims to create content with purpose by showing people that you can work on being positive throughout all of life’s highs and lows and although life obstacles are thrown at all of us, we can all work through our troubles by remaining true to ourselves and trusting the process.

Her main motto in life is “Spread Love and Be Kind” and she aims to implement this into her everyday life and encourage others to feel the same. Although she built an online community whilst working fulltime, her stand down due to COVID19 really pushed her to take content creation and social media seriously and she is thriving!

Erin-Louise is a ball of energy that loves to live a healthy, BALANCED lifestyle! She aim’s at working out 4-5 times a week but also won’t turn down a night out with friends or a cheeky hamburger.

Although creating a feed that is aesthetically pleasing can be important, Erin-Louise’s main goal is too make someone feel something when they look at her content. Whether it be, empowerment, inspiration, or just something as simple as a laugh – you never know what to expect when you come across her content!