Laura Mirashaj


Laura Mirashaj is a rapidly rising social media star based in Sydney, NSW, captivating audiences with her fun and fresh presence.
Laura’s fun and engaging vibe shines through her entertaining content, which spans fashion, beauty, and glimpses into her cherished relationship with her mum. With a rapidly growing following on both TikTok and Instagram, she invites you into her stylish yet fun world of chic, curated outfits and relatable behind-the-scenes moments.
Her social media journey began with desire to share her passion for fashion and style, and she has quickly become the ‘It girl’ influencer for the latest trends. Laura’s content not only showcases her impeccable style but also her love for travel and her zest for life.
On Instagram and TikTok, Laura seamlessly blends her love for fashion, travel and daily routines, creating a dynamic and captivating experience for her large audience. Join Laura as she continues to inspire and entertain with her ever-evolving style and infectious enthusiasm.