Sarah Mayan


Sarah is a 21 year old qualified personal trainer based in Newcastle, NSW. She is passionate about all things health, fitness, food, fashion and living a balanced lifestyle! She showcases these passions through her content creation on Instagram, as well as her recently started YouTube channel (which is growing faster than she imagined and something she really wants to start focusing more on – vlogs, workouts, hauls, ‘what I eat videos’ etc) 

Sarah has developed her social media on the principle of authenticity and being real/raw to her online community. She aims to be a positive role model to girls/women of all ages and backgrounds and a person people can trust and open up to. She is also a HUGE foodie, and shares this love for food on her platform. She promotes the message of there being more to life than dieting and restricting yourself to look a certain way and the importance of eating the foods you enjoy – she’s all about that BALANCE! 

Sarah has worked alongside brands such as Culture Kings, Ryderwear, Princess Polly, Whitefox Boutique, Loungewear + many more!