Brooke Rogers


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Tasmanian, Brooke Rogers, a dynamic and passionate content creator who effortlessly navigates the realms of both TikTok and Instagram. Brooke exudes an irresistible vibrancy that infuses every piece of content she crafts. Her platforms are not mere spaces for sharing; they are portals to inspiration, brimming with a diverse array of offerings that cater to her combined 190K followers.

Her curated outfit inspirations are a testament to her innate sense of style, while her candid lifestyle snippets provide an intimate window into her world. Whether she’s embarking on a new adventure, sharing her thoughts on a trending topic, or simply capturing the beauty in the everyday, Brooke’s authenticity and relatability create a genuine connection with her audience.

Brooke has worked with brands such as Colgate, Princess Polly, Status Anxiety, Naked Harvest, Heinz, Synergie Skin and many more.