USER GENERATED CONTENT | What is it & why you need it! 

Found yourself snapping some pictures of your newest online purchase and uploading them to Instagram? You have just contributed to the fastest growing marketing tool – User Generated Content. 

What is User Generated Content (UGC) 

UGC is brand specific content that consumers or employees upload to social media, obligation free. A photo, video or testimonial are all examples of UGC and this content can be repurposed by the brand to elevate their own digital marketing campaigns. The key words here are “obligation free” – UGC is created purely because somebody wanted to create it. 

Why Your Business Should Use User Generated Content

Brands are fighting each other to be seen on the feeds of their consumer audience, meaning some expensive social media campaigns are getting lost among the masses of branded content being posted each day. One of the greatest perks of UGC is that it is truly authentic. Coming across content with no strings attached is so attractive to consumers, because they are getting a genuine perspective on the products they are considering for purchase. 

How To Encourage User Generated Content For Your Business?

There are a number of ways that you can encourage your customers, loyal or new, to generate UGC for your business.


At the bottom of the menu or order confirmation email, encourage your customer to leave a review! Whether that be on social media or via your website, having a collection of customer reviews leaves your business with ample opportunities to create ongoing content that offers an authentic look into your business! 


Ask your buyers to tag your business in any photos they upload to social media! This message subconsciously encourages consumers to upload the photos to social media and once they’ve tagged you, all of the UGC sits conveniently in your ‘tagged’ photos on Instagram – ready for you to reuse!


Competitions that encourage the upload of a video or photo for a prize, is the ultimate way at engaging high quality content from you consumers! You’re more likely to get a greater response if you’re offering an outcome!


Brand will also engage influencers to create a variety of content that they can then use across their marketing. Reach out to an influencer agency to see what packages they have available regarding UGC!

Ready To Start Using UGC? 

Think you’re ready to add User Generated Content into your marketing campaign, but not sure how? Contact Vive Management today to see how we can bring business back to life with UGC!