What Is Influencer Marketing And Why It Is So Effective

Influencer marketing is no secret to the marketing world. It has become a mainstream marketing tool that many businesses are using to grow their brand awareness and market their products and services. What is most exciting, is that influencer marketing allows brands to be seen amongst the masses of advertising that circulates across social media. It allows brands to pitch directly to their target audience, with the support of a trusted and authentic spokesperson – the influencer!

What Is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing is based on the relationship between an influencer and the brand. Most commonly, an influencer will be paid by the brand to promote a product or service through their social media channels. For example, an influencer may post a story on Instagram which features your product. They may talk about what they like and why they use it. What is most notable about influencer marketing, is that the influencer is in control of what they post. They represent your brand in their own way, which establishes authenticity and appeals to a specific audience.

Influencer marketing is not limited to social posts. Another strategy could include inviting an influencer to your launch event of your product or service. Not only does their presence heighten the authenticity of the event, but their likeliness to post about the event solidifies to their followers, their belief and interest in your brand.


Why is Influencer Marketing Effective?
Influencers are trusted individuals amongst a niche community. They develop a loyal and like-minded audience in the form of followers or subscribers. This means, they have a powerfully relatable voice amongst their followers, who look to them for inspiration. Therefore, it is important to choose influencers who represent the interest and values of your brand, as their audience is likely to match, leaving you exposed to a realm of potential new customers and sales.

Influencer marketing is not like celebrity endorsement. Influencers discuss, demonstrate and use the product legitimately. This leaves consumers to believe that if an influencer, whom they trust, likes the product, then they would too!

How To Choose The Right Influencers?
Although you want influencers who reflect your brand’s messaging and values, you also want to make sure their following and engagement levels are strong. It is critical to make sure that you are spending your budget on influencers who are reaching a lot of potential customers.

It is also important to choose influencers who post regular content that can be re-shared to match your own social feeds. Look for influencers who take their photos on light, simple backgrounds in full colour!


Sounds Great! What Next?
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