USER GENERATED CONTENT | What is it & why you need it! 

Found yourself snapping some pictures of your newest online purchase and uploading them to Instagram? You have just contributed to the fastest growing marketing tool – User Generated Content. Read more to discover how you can use UGC for your business!

What Is Influencer Marketing And Why It Is So Effective

Influencer marketing is no secret to the marketing world. It has become a mainstream marketing tool that many businesses are using to grow their brand awareness and market their products and services. What is most exciting, is that influencer marketing allows brands to be seen amongst the masses of advertising that circulates across social media. It allows brands to pitch directly to their target audience, with the support of a trusted and authentic spokesperson – the influencer! Read more to learn about Influencer Marketing.

Creating Your Perfect Home, With Interior Design Expert, Jem Juthamat

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jem is a lifestyle and interiors influencer, with a passion for all things beautiful and creative. Her studio is filled with an assortment of curated furniture, objects, and art, providing a base in which to share and showcase a variety of brands and products she engages with. Read more to learn how to create the perfect home with Jem.

Influencer Mum, Bek Halliday, Spills Her Secrets

Bek Halliday

Bek Halliday is a creative stylist and artist, fashion lover and mother to a little girl trio! Discover the in’s and out’s to Bek’s life as a content creator and mother and her tips to entering the industry!

In her beauty bag with Alexis Evans

Alexis Evans

While Alexis isn’t shy on giving us an insight into her fave makeup looks, we wanted to find out what her everyday go-to’s are when she isn’t working as a content creator. Here she opens up and reveals her all-time beauty must-haves.

At home with Emma Claiir

Emma Claiir, is a 25 year old girl who is a lover of this crazy thing called life. She is passionate about showing people that they too can be a lover of their lives, once they stop comparing, worrying and just continue being themselves. Discover the in’s and out’s to Emma working from home and her tips to becoming a content creator.